As always – Cash, I love you…

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Cash is king. Cash is KING. CASH IS KING. Always believed it, in my bones. Today (with COVID-19) it's even truer than ever. I don't care if you're a business owner or an employee. Cash bails you out on a rainy day. Cash allows you to weather the storm... Cash lets you play to win, [...]

Choosing courage AND vulnerability


Have you read Brené Brown's - Daring Greatly or seen any of her Ted Talks or documentaries online? If you haven't, I highly recommend - especially now. One of the key things she notes is that - in any circumstance where you need to courageous, by definition you're also being vulnerable at the same time. If you [...]

You can’t win if you don’t bid… and other lies BD people have told me


"You can't win if you don't bid." How many times have you heard that gem? Yes, it's true that you can't win if you don't bid, but it's just as important to know when to walk away from a bid you can't win. This is especially true in times like now. We have to be [...]

Does branding matter in GovCon – especially now?


Does branding really matter - especially now, when people have far weightier concerns on their minds? In short, yes, it does but probably not the way you're thinking about it now... When most folks think of branding, their minds immediately go to logos, colors, and fonts. But narrowing your definition of branding in that way [...]

Want my 3 secret weapons for innovation in proposals?

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  As a half-Japanese/half-Caucasian American, I'm sitting there yesterday snacking on a package of dried seaweed (nori in Japanese), because - who doesn't do that? And my kids are eating popcorn. I think to myself, I wonder if wrapping popcorn in the piece of nori would be delicious? Of course, I can't get it to wrap like sticky [...]

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