Capture more contracts and develop your team’s skills and confidence with our Capture Management Services. Win more contracts with an effective capture strategy that increases your win rates. Align your pursuits to your organization’s strategic objectives, goals, and activities. Save time and money by empowering your internal team with the necessary skills to capture business more efficiently and effectively.

Our Capture Management Services include:


Our expert capture manager consultants act as an extension of your team and lead strategic pursuits for your organization.


Our PEER2LESS Capture Program provides practical and real-world-tested Capture Management training delivered digitally for maximum results.


We deliver on-going capture coaching and mentoring for your team and act as a trusted advisor on your key opportunity pursuits.

Supporting Areas of Expertise

Acquisition Shaping
Competitive Intelligence
Growth Strategy
Offer Design
Opportunity Qualification
Positioning, Messaging & Branding

Pricing Strategy
Proposal Architecture
Solution Strategy
Teaming Strategy
Value Proposition

Visual Design
Win Strategy
Win Theme Design

We can help you capture your next contract

Let’s face it — figuring out capture on your own, placing bets on unproven new hires, and wasting time and money without results is no longer an option. Let us help you. Capture doesn’t need to be this difficult.

If you’ve ever hired a bad capture consultant in the past, rest assured that at Peerless that will not be your experience.

We exist to make our customers successful. We actively help you accomplish your capture goals. We have dedicated customer support for all of our clients. We assure all of our customers’ satisfaction in the quality of work we deliver. If you are ever unsatisfied with your consultant, we will work to resolve the issue or find a replacement. We believe if our customers are successful, so are we.

Our capture professionals have 10+ years of relevant industry experience and are trained in our proven methodology, the PEER2LESS Capture Program.

We bring 20 years of industry experience and the right level of knowledge and expertise for the job at hand, so that our customers can trust our guidance. We implement proven practices gained from our industry experience. We are also a learning organization. In addition to understanding the fundamentals, we continuously learn the latest strategies, tactics, techniques, and tools to help our customers win more.

If you’re afraid that a consultant will learn about your trade secrets and share them, rest assured that at Peerless we operate under strict confidentiality and a code of ethics.

All of our consultants are screened for character before they are hired. Before they ever visit a client’s site, they are trained and certified in our code of ethics. This training is an annual requirement. The code guides our actions in business, so that our customers can trust us with their most sensitive competitive information and so that our employees and consultants understand their obligations and rights.

We also take additional measures to protect your sensitive competitive information. We conduct an organizational conflict of interest “OCI” sweep before we accept an engagement to ensure we are not supporting a competitor on the same engagement. Our consultants sign opportunity-specific non disclosure agreements (NDAs) for every engagement.

At Peerless, the stakes for ethics infractions are high. If an ethics concern is brought to our attention, we conduct a thorough investigation. Ethics is at the core of what we do. If we determine that an employee or consultant acted in a manner outside of our code, we dismiss them. Period.

If you’ve ever felt like strategic capture is something that is just “too expensive” for you to invest in, let me ask you this… How much is losing deals because of poor capture costing you this year? How much will it cost your company over the next year?

At Peerless we know— through our experience working for some of the most successful government contractors in the industry— they all share one common characteristic. They invest significantly in capture management capabilities. They have the people, processes, and tools in place to throw tremendous power behind strategic opportunity pursuit, which allows them to meet their financial objectives. When they win strategic contracts, the investment they make in capture and bidding can have a 200-fold return.