Exciting transformations are underway at GSA FEDSIM! Known for its expertise in complex acquisitions for federal agencies, GSA FEDSIM announced major changes to its operating structure. These updates were unveiled by FEDSIM Sector Director Chris Hamm at the annual FIAC conference on November 6th in Tysons, Virginia.

With its expanding portfolio of lucrative contracts and high-profile clients, FEDSIM already has the attention of government contractors. In fact, competition has soared, resulting in 19 unique vendors securing bids with FEDSIM in FY23.

As part of the announced changes, FEDSIM will undergo a rebranding as APEXes (AAS Client-Based Acquisition & Procurement Centers of Excellence). Four APEXes will be dedicated to specific areas of the Federal Government and responsible for specific GSA Regions: Army, Air Force/Navy, Civilian, and Defense. Additionally, there will be an APEX called APEX Innovate, which will prioritize Small Business Innovation Research (SBIRs). This restructuring decision aims to bring greater clarity, consistency, and consolidation to the opportunities offered.

FEDSIM has also introduced three distinct service delivery models: FLEX, FEDSIM, and INNOVATE. These models cater to different contract types and focus areas, ensuring that every contractor’s needs are met.

While the transition to APEXes won’t be complete until FY25, potential improvements are on the horizon for FY24, such as standardized language and templates.

In FY23, FEDSIM dominated the assisted acquisition market with $10.4B in obligations and 22 competitive contract awards. Known for its meticulous approach, transparency, and unique style, FEDSIM is bullet-proof from bid protests and sets the bar high for compliance. Industry professionals can’t resist the allure of these large and high-profile opportunities.

Get ready for a new era of excellence with APEXes and their groundbreaking approach to federal acquisitions.