Does branding really matter – especially now, when people have far weightier concerns on their minds? In short, yes, it does but probably not the way you’re thinking about it now…

When most folks think of branding, their minds immediately go to logos, colors, and fonts. But narrowing your definition of branding in that way is kind of like thinking about what balloons to buy for your kid’s birthday party. After the party, your kid is going to have great memories of having fun, surrounded by all their family and friends — NOT which balloons you bought. Branding is much more than just the details. No doubt, aesthetic details are important to make your business look legit and subtly influence the psychology of your buyers. But other aspects of branding DIRECTLY impact whether or not your proposal sells or not.

I’m taking a course right now and I want to share with you their definition of a brand story. Brand story: a compelling narrative that triggers an emotional reaction in your audience, creating a deep connection with you and your business.

Does that sound like something you’d like to cultivate? uh, DUH! Another word for that in proposal speak is: “discrimination.” Why choose your company versus your competitor in the next proposal evaluation?

Here’s some example of where could you use brand story:

  • In your proposal in call out boxes, executive summaries, past performance
  • On your website
  • In your marketing materials
  • In your BD calls with clients
  • In your teaming discussions with potential partners

Every great story typically has a challenge and an ending, in which the hero overcomes the challenge. During times of great challenge, this is when companies can really rise to occasion. This time is ripe right NOW for creating YOUR brand story.

So, what is your brand story? Please hit REPLY and let me know. I’d love to hear yours.