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Separating professional life and personal life… Good or bad?


I used to have a pretty black and white view separating my professional life and my personal life. I put friends in one category and co-workers in another... You have your co-workers and your friends. And the 2 shouldn't mix. But honestly, my feelings on this have completely evolved over the years. Email, text, chat, [...]

Are you taking your customers on a journey – or a 5 block Uber ride through a construction zone?


If you've had a chance to download my free resource the Ultimate GovCon Growth Strategy Toolkit with all my desert island strategies for growing a GovCon business, then you probably already saw the customer journey piece on the first few pages. You may be thinking - what is this Jennifer talking about taking my customer on a [...]

7 easy tips to up-your-networking game for your next event


I don't know about you, but when I go to a networking event, I think to myself, "this BETTER be worth it, because I could be (fill in the blank) instead." I could be (hanging out with the family) OR (staying in the office getting all my "real" work done) OR (going to the gym) [...]

What I’m really thinking when I meet with small businesses…


As a long time capture manager for large business, I meet with small businesses all the time. On every Prime contracting opportunity I've ever worked, I've teamed with small businesses as subcontractors. On occasion, I've even subbed to SB Primes. When I meet an SB the #1 thing I'm looking for is to see is [...]

A little secret about the small businesses that get it right…


In my email last week I talked about the top 3 things on my mind when I meet with small businesses, as a capture manager. 1) Do they have their stuff together? 2) Do they have a story? and 3) Can I envision myself working with them?) I also threw in some of my major [...]

Creating the conditions for success

2021-01-20T08:25:04+00:00Evergreen, Featured|

Have you ever tried cooking in someone else's kitchen? And you couldn't find the cutting board or knives? And you couldn't find the right ingredients in the pantry or the fridge? Or the pots and pans? Trying to cook up a masterpiece in someone else's kitchen is frustrating as heck for these reasons. Chefs and [...]

Can your passion for serving actually serve you in government contracting?

2021-01-24T01:04:28+00:00Evergreen, Marketing|

If you look for it, you'll find examples of individuals and communities taking action to end suffering, do good, and participate in movements with massive impacts in the world. We are hard-wired for connection with other humans. People with a purpose and a broad and informed worldview are INTRIGUING. As fellow humans, we find shallow [...]

As always – Cash, I love you…

2021-01-24T01:01:18+00:00Evergreen, Strategic Pricing|

Cash is king. Cash is KING. CASH IS KING. Always believed it, in my bones. Today (with COVID-19) it's even truer than ever. I don't care if you're a business owner or an employee. Cash bails you out on a rainy day. Cash allows you to weather the storm... Cash lets you play to win, [...]

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