If you’ve had a chance to download my free resource the Ultimate GovCon Growth Strategy Toolkit with all my desert island strategies for growing a GovCon business, then you probably already saw the customer journey piece on the first few pages. You may be thinking – what is this Jennifer talking about taking my customer on a journey? This is important stuff that we don’t often hear in the context of growing a thriving govcon business, so listen up! =)

If you want to improve your customers’ experience with your company (and get more contracts) I want you to consider mapping out the customer journey- how the customer interacts with your company at every stage to achieve their goals.

OK – I get it, that sounds tough and like homework – so let’s take this from theory to practice… Rule #1 – you’ll improve your chances of winning a contract, if you’ve already established a rapport before the RFP comes out. Your customer began her journey of planning for that solicitation long before the RFP came out. Actually putting out the RFP is the MIDDLE of the journey (not the beginning). So you want to start your journey of building awareness of your company and interest in your offerings LONG before the RFP comes out. And when you win that contract, perform so well that they can’t help but become raving fans.

So let’s talk about the beginning part of that journey. How are you going to make them aware of your company and become interested in doing business with you? Will you respond to an RFI, attend an Industry Day, attend a small business event, run an ad, publish content, volunteer on a board, speak on a stage? There are so many options, but they need to be thought through. You don’t have unlimited time or money and you don’t want to be just throwing spaghetti against the wall… You can bet your competition is thinking through this stuff.

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