Have you ever tried cooking in someone else’s kitchen? And you couldn’t find the cutting board or knives? And you couldn’t find the right ingredients in the pantry or the fridge? Or the pots and pans? Trying to cook up a masterpiece in someone else’s kitchen is frustrating as heck for these reasons. Chefs and expert cooks usually choose to cook in their OWN kitchen. Because they’ve created the conditions for success in their own kitchen to make a delicious meal. They know where everything is. They have their high-end knives, cooking utensils, and pans. They know where that extra replacement ingredient is stored, just in case they forgot something at the store.

When you think about growing your GovCon business, have you created the conditions for success for your team to succeed? Are these things written down and the team knows where to find them e.g., (Corporate capabilities, core competencies, past performances, winning proposal sections and graphics, and a style guide)? Do you have all the right people with the appropriate level of experience in the right roles to bid? Do you have a set of contract vehicles to support your revenue goals in your funnel? And finally, do your people understand your process for bid and no-bid on opportunities?

Because here is the harsh truth… If you HAVEN’T created the conditions for success for your team, you CAN’T expect them to produce massive results. It’s like expecting a chef to create an expert meal in someone’s random kitchen. (And if you’ve seen the show Chopped, you know this is an art form few have mastered).

You CAN expect your results to directly correlate with the conditions for success you’ve created in your company. And if you’re the owner, those results are on you.