In my email last week I talked about the top 3 things on my mind when I meet with small businesses, as a capture manager. 1) Do they have their stuff together? 2) Do they have a story? and 3) Can I envision myself working with them?) I also threw in some of my major turn-offs for good measure. 🤣If you didn’t open that email, I would recommend going back a week and checking it out. I’ve found that it’s ALWAYS a good idea to understand what your customer is thinking. And even though a capture manager is not your end customer, we are highly influential decision-makers within a corporation and you want us on your side.

A few small businesses have been masterful at pushing their agenda and getting what they want. And I want to share with you some of the secrets to their success. Imagine a magician with a large bag of tricks that he uses to fascinate his audience… And you never know what he’s going to pull out of his bag. Like that magician, YOU need to have a large bag of tricks that you can pull from. 🎩

I’ve got a few ideas in mind to add to the bag of tricks… I’ll plan to post a video on LinkedIn.

BTW – are we connected on LI? If not, let’s connect!