If you look for it, you’ll find examples of individuals and communities taking action to end suffering, do good, and participate in movements with massive impacts in the world. We are hard-wired for connection with other humans. People with a purpose and a broad and informed worldview are INTRIGUING. As fellow humans, we find shallow people boring and we generally dislike them. A shared purpose MAGNETIZES people together.

So here is a question for you: do you SERVE? Do you give back or put your energy toward a movement larger than yourself?

Who do you serve?

How do you serve?

What is your purpose? What is your “why”? What is that internal north star that compels you to serve?

(OK, ok – that was more than 1 question… 😁)

I think the concept of SERVICE is a huge idea and is the missing link in how we show up as government contractors. That’s why I’ve made the concept of “SERVICE” a big part (and one of the S’s) in the PEER2LESS framework I’ve developed for exponential growth in GovCon.