Have you ever felt stuck… like you aren’t getting the results you had hoped for? I hope you are getting the results you want, but we have all felt this way from time to time. If you’re currently stuck in a rut, please consider the following.

The key to getting the results you want is focusing relentlessly on getting results for others. For example, the more results you get for your clients in the way of efficiencies, effectiveness, better user experience, innovation, etc. — the more they will send contract dollars your way. The more you focus on the success of your employees in the way of new opportunities for advancement, training, culture, and work fulfillment — the more they will want to stay loyal to you. The better you treat your partners e.g., pitching in on proposals, keeping them informed on new customer or competitor intelligence, etc. — the more likely they are to send contract dollars your way during execution, expand your workshare, and pursue other new opportunities with you.

It seems simple enough, but focusing on getting other people the results they want, will serve you and help you achieve your goals.