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New Levels, New Devils… What are the stages of growth for Federal Contractors?

2022-09-27T15:26:06+00:00Capture Management, Evergreen, Featured|

It is intuitively obvious that at each stage of growth as a federal contractor from start-up to large business, there are sure to be challenges. The daunting part is—just like in life, as soon as you overcome one set of challenges, new ones always pop up—new levels, new devils— as they say. In this article [...]

Want my 3 secret weapons for innovation in proposals?

2021-01-24T13:57:57+00:00Capture Management, Evergreen, Proposal Management|

  As a half-Japanese/half-Caucasian American, I'm sitting there yesterday snacking on a package of dried seaweed (nori in Japanese), because - who doesn't do that? And my kids are eating popcorn. I think to myself, I wonder if wrapping popcorn in the piece of nori would be delicious? Of course, I can't get it to wrap like sticky [...]

3 ways office politics will destroy your P-win

2021-01-24T01:09:39+00:00Capture Management, Evergreen, Featured|

Human beings are political animals. So, office politics aren't going away anytime soon. You might as well come to grips with that reality. But did you know that left unchecked, office politics can ruin your win probability (P-win) on captures? I've seen some bad situations in my day and here are just a few ways [...]

Gain 15 lbs on your next proposal… OR – do THIS.

2021-01-24T13:11:34+00:00Capture Management, Evergreen, Proposal Management|

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Challenge Proposals are wonderful! They are the lifeblood of our business. They are our calling. They are fun! (Mostly). But I don’t need to tell you that proposals are also highly stressful, work- and time-intensive. They take you out of your normal routines of eating well, exercising, getting proper sleep [...]

The 5 Essential Questions to Ask at Each Stage of your Capture

2021-01-24T01:36:47+00:00Capture Management, Evergreen|

It’s not until that moment—when your heart sinks into your stomach, you just lost that big proposal—that you gain total clarity of what just happened. The factors that cause capture teams to lose often boil down to a few fundamental actions (or inactions). It’s common for companies to become enamored with the idea of [...]

The Best Advice I Received About Being Successful in Capture Management

2021-01-24T01:33:06+00:00Capture Management, Evergreen|

For all the aspiring, new and experienced capture management professionals, I am serving up the best advice I ever received on capture management. These are my five “go-to” principles. Selfishly, I hope you comment on this post and share your best advice with the community. Hint * these apply more broadly than just to [...]

How Grit Can Make You a Rockstar Capture Manager

2021-01-24T01:32:31+00:00Capture Management, Evergreen|

I remember considering the meaning of “grit” deeply for the first time while competing in my first Spartan endurance obstacle course race. Spartan’s founder and CEO, best-selling author Joe De Sena considers grit to be a guiding life principle. In the months leading up to my first Spartan race, I trained intensely before dawn [...]

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